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Intrigue U Records
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From: CA, United States

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, Soul

Intrigue U Records is a Hot new independent label based out of San Diego, CA makin' their own path through the entertainment industry, taking names leavin' their mark behind. "I wanted to see if we could really put out a CD, and it was pretty easy." So easy in fact Intrigue U Records released their first CD/DVD titled "The Dairy of Intrigue U Records" focused on delivering something more than just party hits and rump-shakin sounds.

Coming together in 1998 brothers Glenn "Gee" Crain (CEO) and K.C. (Pr…

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Videos From Intrigue U Records
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    Live performances by K.C. "TONITE"
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    The Promo to "The Dairy of Intrigue U Records…
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    Intrigue U Records videoshoot "Pleasure Princ…
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    J Boy on the "Fried Chicken & Hip Hop&quo…
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    "Fried Chicken & Hip-Hop" Show every…
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    Intrigue U Records videoshoot "Kan We Bang It…
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