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From: United States

Genre: Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal

ABRAXAS formed in May 2009 and was created by mastermind Makoto Mizoguchi (Pyrexia, Ex-Internal Suffering and Ex-Hate Eternal). Intent on playing brutal and crushing old school Death Metal, Makoto recruited Mike Hrubovcak on Vocals (Monstrosity, Vile, etc) and Lance Wright on drums (Vile, Quinta Essentia, etc).

In June/July 2009 a 4 song promo CD was recorded, which will soon be released as an official EP on Relapse Records entitled "Wretched Existence".

A full length album is currently in the works…

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  1. ABRAXAS "DAMNATION" Studio Episode Part…

  2. ABRAXAS "DAMNATION" Studio Episode Part…

  3. ABRAXAS "DAMNATION" Studio Report 2/19/2…

  4. ABRAXAS-Wretched Existence Recording Session!
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