Torrance, CA, USA

Adán Santos Sánchez Vallejo (April 14, 1984 - March 27, 2004), was a popular American singer. Sánchez was born in Torrance, CA. He was the son of singer Chalino Sánchez. He was eight years old when his father was kidnapped and killed in the Mexican state of Sinaloa in 1992. Raised by his mother in Paramount, CA, he took up singing under his father's same nickname, "Chalino", and gained a strong local following among Mexican-American teenagers.

Sánchez recorded his first full-length album in 1994, entitled Soy el Hijo de Chalino (I'm Chalino's Son) - notable for the 10-year-old's brash and assertive vocals; the album's rousing title track, evokes the style of celebrated singers from Mexico's Golden Age. As he grew into his teens, the majority of Sánchez's album titles began to revolve around the loss of his father - such as La Corona de Mi Padre (My Father's Crown), and Homenaje a Mi Padre (Homage to My Father). These references gave him credibility in the Banda music scene, where the macho image and death of his father had stirred a resurgence of popularity among young Mexican-American men. But Sánchez was also able to widen the genre's popularity even further to teenage girls, thanks to his teen idol persona and focus on contemporary romantic ballads instead of the edgier themes of crime and drugs covered by his father. “I try to set my own path by singing my own songs," Sánchez stated in 2003 after signing with major Latin recording label Univision Music Group. "I think a lot of people continue recording my father’s songs, and I do it as well, but I don’t over do it like others. What I really want to do is record my own songs in my own particular style, without having to copy my father. If people notice similarities in my voice or movements, then I guess it’s in my genes." He was promoted by the southern California based radio station "La Que Buena".