Agoraphobic Nosebleed
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From: MA, United States

Genre: Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore

Out of sheer frustration over the lack of drummers in the local Massachusetts area, Scott Hull and friends formed AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED (ANb) with the help of a drum machine in 1994. Many artists, such as GODFLESH and MINISTRY, had utilized drum machines effectively in the slower-paced industrial realm, and still more have relied on them for grindcore, but relatively few bands have ever attempted the 100,000 bpm “hailstorm of drums” approach to programming that head honcho Scott Hull not only attempted, but…

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  1. "Built To Grind"

  2. "Mosquito Holding Human Cattle Prod"


  4. EL TOPO

  5. Spreading The Dis-ease

  6. Druggernaut Jug Fuck
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