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De: Australia

Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal

A unique metal hybrid unlike anything that you've ever heard, ALCHEMIST is a strange beast to quantify. Instinctively aware of the importance of stylistic individuality, and disillusioned with the stagnant metal scene of the late Eighties, ALCHEMIST was formed with the purpose of creating original, emotive, hard-driving music that would not only provide metal listeners with a fresh perspective, but attract music lovers usually not interested in metal's extremities.

More than three years in the making Alchemist are set to explode back onto the international underground with there new record TRIPSIS. A heavier more focused metal approach sees Alchemist deliver there most consistently heavy Album since Spiritech, Songs still bare all the alchemist trade marks psychedelic, atmospheric, packed with crushing riffs intertwined guitar melodies and groove laded drum and bass, Vocals that range from shrieking banshee screams to lush backing vocals,TRIPSIS is also the fastest album delivered by Alchemist in many years with a few songs taking the Surfthrash sound to new heights.