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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Axel Patricio Fernando Witteveen Pardo (born 1 January 1977) is an Argentine singer and song-writer. Axel was born in 1977 in Rafael Calzada, Buenos Aires province, within an Argentine average family; his father being of Belgian Flemish descent. He began his piano studies with his two brothers, encouraged by his parents, both great lovers of music. His first teacher was a nun Philippine local school. For the 8-year-old enters the Conservatory Julian Aguirre of Argentina and remains there until, in high school, decided to focus on their studies and leave school temporarily musical studies. Once finished this stage, at age 17 back to resume his piano studies, determined to make music their livelihood.

Despite the initial opposition of his father, supported by his mother, Axel gets go penetrating the artistic world of Buenos Aires.

His first job was important for a soap opera TV Canal 9, which interpreted the role of a waiter and pianist bar, which on the one hand, satisfying their desires to show what we feel for music, and the another was initiated in the world that both had dreamed of lights, scenarios, and the public as a witness of his immense desire to succeed. After the soap opera, Axel Fernando Costa moved to Argentina to act in clubs in tourist areas during the summer season. After back to his hometown Ŵo work in the family business while awaiting the next opportunity to pursue his goal. A few months later offered a job as a reporter in a youth music program that was broadcast on Canal 26 on cable television. His first interview, Axel said, was with Julio Iglesias.