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Trondheim, Norway

Bloodthorn is a Norwegian death metal band from Trondheim. Founded in 1992, they have gone through a number of musical developments, from the doomy, cold tunes of the Natteskyggen demo, to the atmospheric sounds of their debut In The Shadow Of Your Black Wings and their second album Onwards Into Battle, up to the aggression of Under The Reign Of Terror. The latter saw the band abandoning the female vocals (by Christine Hjertaas) and keyboards (by Geir Mikael Reijners) that had been so prominent on the first two albums and going back to their roots of raw, extreme metal. In 2006, Bloodthorn released their fourth album, Genocide, their heaviest album to date.

Following the release of Genocide, Bloodthorn played at several festivals, including Inferno and Wacken Open Air 2006 as well as Hole in the Sky 2007, and did a European and Scandinavian tour, with Carpathian Forest and Vader respectively.

Bloodthorn is now working on their fifth album for a 2009 release.