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Bomba Estéreo is a band founded 2001 in Bogotá, Colombia that describe their music as "Electro Vacilón" or "Electro tropical". The band began as a project of Simón Mejía's, releasing their first album as a solo project with contributions from various musicians. The other members, Liliana, Julian and Kike, would all join the band permanently before the release of their second album Estalla, which would later be re-released in the US under the title Blow Up.

They combine traditional Colombian Cumbia music with electro.

In 2010 they performed at the South by Southwest, Bonnaroo, Lovebox, and Bumbershoot festivals, as well as many other dates across Europe and the US. Simón Meíja has also been nominated for a Rolex mentorship which would see him link with Brian Eno. Other contenders for the prestigious mentorship include DJ Rupture and Ben Frost. Their song Fuego was in the background of the episode "Circle Us" on the Showtime series Dexter, during a scene outside of a club.