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Puerto Rico

Carlos Enrique Estremera Colón (born 2 September 1958 is a Puerto Rican Salsa singer who is a native of San Juan. Estremera, who is an albino, is nicknamed -and billed- as "El Cano" ("The Light-Colored Haired One"), a word which is commonly use in Puerto Rico to refer to people of light complexion. He is arguably the most famous albino in the Caribbean country, and as such, has raised public awareness of the condition's traits and limitations (such as limited vision, which Estremera openly acknowledges, even in the occasional song).

Estremera developed his talent as a singer while residing in Residencial Las Casas, a public housing complex in the area of Santurce, not far from Trastalleres, where Daniel Santos, Andy Montañez and Ossie Ocasio were raised. As Héctor Lavoe did before him, Estremera acknowledges Puerto Rican jíbaro country singers as a strong influence. He developed a reputation for being a fast and clever improviser, in the same vein as Marvin Santiago, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Oscar D'León and other salsa singers who could improvise dozens of soneos (improvisations within a call-response format) on the spot. Later in his life Estremera would use the title "Dueño del soneo" ("Owner of the Soneo") as a marketing concept, emphasizing his prowess as an on-the-spot improviser.

In 1978, Estremera joined Bobby Valentín, among other replacements to Vaentín's band -namely Santiago and former Sonora Ponceña singer Luiggi Texidor. Estremera recorded six albums before stating his own band in 1984. He was the lead singer on many of the best selling hits by Valentín's band, particularly the band's best seller ever, "La boda de ella" ("Her Wedding")