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Sumrall, MI, USA

Cary Hudson is the lead singer, guitarist and main songwriter of the alternative country/Southern rock band Blue Mountain. Cary was born in the small town of Sumrall, MS, located approximately 15 miles from Hattiesburg. Prior to Blue Mountain, Hudson was in a band called The Hilltops, and Blue Mountain formed out of The Hilltops. Blue Mounatin featured numerous drummers, most infamously Frank Coutch, and bassist/wife of Hudson, Laurie Stirratt.

After the divorce of Hudson and Stirratt, Blue Mountain split, and Hudson embarked on a solo career that spawned 3 albums released on he and cousin Chris Hudson's record label, Black Dog Records. The first album, The Phoenix was released in 2002. Though Hudson shows his country roots often, many of the tracks offer him showing his talent for the electric guitar, such as the track "Mad, Bad, & Dangerous".

His second album, Cool Breeze released in 2004, finds Hudson once again using his guitar to show his talent. This album, however, has a more rustic feel to it. Those who are familiar with the area that Hudson grew up will be know many of the places that he mentions in the songs. Cool Breeze is a very diverse album, with there being no way that you can pin any one sound to it.

His 3rd solo album, the appropriately titled Bittersweet Blues, allows Hudson to strip away the electric guitar and record an exclusively acoustic album. Every song displays Hudson's amazing song writing talent and pure bluesy voice. From the opening "Snow in Mississippi", the album is a mature, addictive, rush of pure Mississippi music that engulfs your mind and captures your soul. Hudson is, as a song writer, possibly his finest throughout his entire career on this album. The XM Radio hit, "Berlin Blues", is the track #9 on the record.

In 2007, Hudson reunited with Blue Mountain, and he put his solo career on hold. He resides in his hometown of Sumrall, and can often be seen by the locals of nearby towns as he plays solo shows at some of the establishments in Hattiesburg.

In 2008 Cary Hudson named one of the best in the Gibson Magazine’s list of Top 10 Alt.Country Guitarists of all time.