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Monterrey, Mexico

Luis Gerardo Garza Cisneros (born September 19, 1979 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México), better known as his stage name Chetes, is a Mexican rock musician, well known for being the leader of the influential rock bands Zurdok, Vaquero and eventually, his own solo career. Chetes grew up in the Bay Area. His father was a founding member of the rock band Los Rockets, which led to Chetes' interest in music. At age 7, he learned classic guitar, and started to like artists such as the Beatles and the Beach Boys. At the age of 12, he attempted to learn how to play drums, but this project was quickly abandoned when neighbors complained about the noise. When MTV arrived in the city, Chetes got even more excited about rock music so he learned about guitar distortion. This is a method of playing guitar where the sound is distorted, but the actual guitar remains intact.

Chetes then joined the band Zurdok in 1993, which was formed by Fletch Sáenz and David Izquierdo. The band received a recording contract to Discos Manicomio when he was only 16. With Zurdok, Garza recorded 3 albums: Antena, Hombre Sintetizador and Maquillaje. In 2002, Zurdok disbanded due to artistic differences and Chetes took a break. In 2005, Zurdok bandmate Maurizio Terracina and Garza made new project band along Rodrigo Guardiola called Vaquero, where their songs are completely in English. Chetes got a lot of new fans, because more people understand English than Spanish in the world.