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DJ Encore (born Andreas Bang Hemmeth; 1979 in Copenhagen, Denmark) is a Danish songwriter and producer, who is the best known for the song "I See Right Through to You" featuring Engelina, which served as the theme to Big Brother Denmark in 2001.

He has been at the top of the radio airplay charts in Denmark, US, UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Brazil, and France with different projects. His best achievements were being certified 5 times platinum in Denmark for co-writing the single "Spirit of Christmas" for the boy band C21 in 2005, 4 times platinum in Portugal for co-writing the single for FF, 2 times platinum as DJ Encore, platinum for co-writing for the Finnish rock band Tiktak, and gold for co-writing the Eurovision Song Contest single "Den jeg er" for the artist Charlie.

Hemmeth has also reached number 1 on the American Billboard with a remix for Res, and top 5 twice in the UK with remixes for LeAnn Rimes and Frou Frou.