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Danna Paola Rivera Munguía (born June 23, 1995 in Distrito Federal, Mexico) is a Mexican actress and singer better known as Danna Paola. She is best known for playing Amy in the Amy: La Niña de la Mochila Azul with the Mexican singer Tatiana. Also through her breakout role Maria Belén.[citation needed] She has also performed in other telenovelas like Querida Enemiga and Muchachitas. She appeared in the 2009 telenovela Atrevete a Soñar. Danna Paola was born on June 23, 1995 in Mexico City. She is the daughter of Patricia Munguia and Juan Jose Rivera, the former singer of Grupo Ciclón and Los Caminantes.

From an early age she played pretending to be a singer and actress with her sister vania and in 1999 initiated a casting of Televisa children to look for talent to participate in the children's program Sesame Street and her mother decides to take Danna Paola and her sister Vania, both who stayed in the project. She also participated in the program Hoy for 8 months hosting next to Juan José Ulloa.

Later in 2001 arrives the opportunity from Rosy Ocampo to participate in her first soap opera, a Christmas story called Rayito de luz in the role of Lupita, a dreamy girl, sharing credits with Alejandro Speitzer, Isamar, Hendrick, Martha Sabrina, among other children.

Thanks to her great charisma, in 2001 at the age of 6 years she started in her first children's soap opera called Maria Belen, making an awesome and highly accepted by the viewers, that was even nominated by the newspaper El Heraldo de Mexico child revelation of the year.