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David Angelico Nicholas Gooden (born 13 May 1966), better known as Dave Angel, is an English techno musician.

Early years

Angel was born in Chelsea, London in 1966. He is the son of a London-based jazz musician, and the elder brother of rapper Monie Love. He had an unorthodox musical education; his father influenced him deeply, as did his friends and his environment, including the radio. He listened not only to Miles Davis and Charlie Parker, but also to soul music and funk. Even though he was playing instruments at fourteen, including percussion, his musical development was not easy or straightforward.


His musical career started when he borrowed an old electronic keyboard from a friend and, using a double tape deck, assembled a bassline and drum track, over which he laid "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" by Eurythmics. He called the result his Nightmare mix, and borrowed money from a friend in order to press 500 copies. When BMG, and thus the Eurythmics, learnt of this, Annie Lennox wanted to prevent the sale of what was in effect the pirating of their song; however, her partner Dave Stewart liked the mix, and persuaded her to allow Angel to go ahead. The track, involving elements of jazz, Detroit techno, and breakbeat hardcore, was successful, reaching number twenty-three in the United Kingdom charts.

Not long afterwards, Angel received many invitations, and gained much respect from European artists, becoming part of the Phaze One team together with the drum & bass DJs Fabio and Grooverider (who used to play styles from house to hardcore at that time). The doors were also opened for his career as a producer. Despite the quality of his productions, however, such as the EPs "The Family" by Apollo and "Royal Techno" by Rotation Records, he was unable to make much impression in England.

Through his label, Rotation Records, he gave opportunities to many of the current producers, including many of other nationalities, such as Paul Hazel, Cisco Ferreira, Vince Watson, Samuel L. Session, Steve Rachmad, and Sharpside. He released tracks for labels such as Black Market, Love, Rotation, and specially the Belgian R & S Records.

1995 saw the release through Studio !K7 of his CD "X-Mix-4 - Beyond The Heavens", which included songs from all over the world such as Chez Damier's "Help Myself", F2's "Dominica" and his remix for Sun Electric's "Entrance."

The second half of the 1990s brought Angel closer to funk than jazz when he released tracks from the LP Globetrotting, such as "Tokyo Stealth Fighter", "This is Disco", and "Funk Music". Over the years that followed, he gained a central position on the international scene, making appearances at the biggest events and festivals; he plays all over the world, and has become an important figure in international techno.