Dying Fetus
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From: MD, United States

Genre: Metal, Death Metal

Legendary kings of death metal DYING FETUS have reemerged after a nearly three year wait to deliver Reign Supreme, their most crushing and focused album to date. Simultaneously pushing the boundaries of brutality and technicality while returning to their uncompromising roots, Reign Supreme offers nine tracks of face pummeling insanity. Mind bending musicianship coalesces with earth shattering breakdowns, their infamous dual vocal attack and relentless sociopolitical commentary. Reign Supreme accomplishes…

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  1. "Your Treachery Will Die With You"

  2. "Shepherd's Commandment"

  3. "One Shot, One Kill"

  4. "Homicidal Retribution" High Quality

  5. "From Womb To Waste" Official Video

  6. "Subjected To A Beating" Lyric Video
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5021 Philippines
Monday, January 25, 2016
i love dying fetus...rock on!