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Rock, Hard Rock, AOR

Elektradrive is a significant band in the history of Italian Hard Rock. Born in 1983 with the actual name, Elektradrive came back in 2009 with a brand new album after 25 years from their first release.

Elektradrive last album is “Living 4”, masterpiece that took the band three years of hard work for the writing and recording process. “Living 4” is a mature concept album of modern-classy-AOR with committed lyrics about environment, water scarcity and general concerns on the state of our planet.

Elektradrive debut single “Let it survive” was released on 1984 by Smoko Records. Immediately after Elektradrive were featured, in the same year on the compilation “HM Eruption” with the song “Lord of the rings”, and in the compilation “Metallo Italia” with “Winner” the year after. In 1985 the band produces a videoclip for “Winner”.

Elektradrive's debut full lenght album, “Over the space” in released in 1986 with Discotto Records followed by a three months national tour.

The most famous and widely appreciated LP by Elektradrive, “Due” sees the light in 1989 with Minotauro. “Due” receives an excellent feedback from the international press, including a rate of 5 K on Kerrang! Magazine. In the same year Elektradrive play with Manowar at Palasport Torino. An intensive international tour follows. In 1990 Elektradrive play some live shows in the USA.

Elektradrive's third LP is “Big City” and gets released by Dracma Records in 1993. “Big City” is reviewed by many as album of the month. In 1994 “Due” and “Big City” are distributed in Japan by EMI/Toshiba and in Europe by Long Island Records.

After almost ten years of silence, in 2004, Elektradrive start writing songs for a new album: “Living 4” which is released by Valery Records in 2009 and got a lot of very rave reviews from all the italian and european magazines (original line-up).

Many gigs all around Italy to support Living 4; in April 2012 the 3rd album "Big City" is reissued in a special re-mastered edition, called "XX Anniversary".

In December 2012 will be out the new edition of the DUE album, called "24 Golden Carat Years" completely remastered.