El Poder del Norte (The Power of the North) is a Mexican musical group, and was formed in 1990 in Monterrey. It was formed by the brothers Buenrostro: Arturo, the accordionist, and Martin, the drummer.

One of the details of this group is that they entered their current record label Disa, they are given electric drum, which they used for their cumbias.

Another fact is that Arturo's brother, Martin, also composes songs, such as "Buenos dias California" and "Ni que valieras tanto".

And another fact is more surprising that some of his videos, appearing only playing, and while in the video of the song "Te quiero tanto" appears an old bus with the logo of Disa.

In 1990, recorded first album La Suburban de la muerte, as Los Pioneros Del Norte.

In 1991 signed with MCM (today Warner Music Mexico) and recorded the album Cuando llegaste tu.

In 1993, signed with Discos Sabinas (Disa), and recorded Mi decision, this is his current record label, in that recorded their first video of the song "Como te extraño", and launched the songs "Mi decision", "Llueve sobre mojado", and includes "La polkita de Don Tony".

In 1994, launched Como llama with the hits "Como llama", "En tu sonrisa" and "Enamorada", that song has a video.

Around 1995 was about to launch a theme that was never released, a song of Freddie Martinez, Mi arbol y yo,(My tree and me),through no fault was not released to radio or some compilation album, if not only was on a promotional disc with Los Reyes Del Camino and Espuela Dorada,artists also recorded for Disa,but,in 1995, launched El Autentiko y Unico, with the hits "Piel de angel", "No sera facil", "Te quiero tanto", this song has a video, and "Por primera vez".