Los Angeles, CA, USA

Faded Paper Figures (abbreviated as FPF) is an American Indie Pop Electronica band from Los Angeles, California. FPF is known for their electro-organic sound often compared to bands like Weevil, The Postal Service, Belle and Sebastian, and Morrissey. The band consists of three members, R. John Williams (guitar and vocals) (brother of Becky Jean Williams, lead singer and lyricist for Late Night Alumni), Kael Alden (bass, guitar, drums, etc...), and Heather Alden (vocals). The band formed in February 2007 and released their debut album Dynamo in 2008. Their second album New Medium, was released on May 25, 2010. Faded Paper Figures formed in early 2007. The genesis was at a party in Irvine, California, where John Williams and Kael Alden were discussing music. Kael was composing music for TV and film with his older brother's company, Robot Repair. John already had some experience as a musician and songwriter. Both full of ideas for a new sound, they decided to record some material together. After a few days the music they were able to create surpassed their own expectations. Over the next few months they wrote and composed a number of songs, experimenting with blending traditional guitar with electronica. The songs went up on a new MySpace page under the name of Machine Discourse. Heather Alden joined in as a harmony vocalist, rounding out and softening the band's sound. Not long after the band's name changed to Faded Paper Figures, and with a growing song list and a mounting audience, the band's sound solidified. NPR described their first album as "a balance of upbeat and soothing electronics," but their recent music has taken on a more energetic tone, with live drums sounds mixing with electro-beats. The Band is also currently recording new music and preparing a music video.