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Frank Reyes (born 1969), born Francisco López Reyes, is one of the best known bachata artists, famous throughout Latin America. He was born in the town of Tenares in Boba Arriba, Dominican Republic. Reyes discovered his musical talent when he was a young boy. He and his brothers started their own musical group and had great singing talent. When he was only 12 years old, he decided to travel to Santo Domingo where he worked hard and had many jobs, always dreaming of having his own business.

As he got older he realized his amazing bachata singing talent, and recorded his first album Tu serás mi reina. He became the self appointed "prince of bachata", (El príncipe de la bachata) becoming really successful, and known to every bachata lover. In 2001, Reyes became the bachata artist of the year, and remains a huge success in the world of bachata, where he continues to fill people's hearts with his outstanding bachata rhythm, and his bachata singing skills.