Hanover, Germany

Fury in the Slaughterhouse was a German rock band from Hanover formed in 1987 by brothers Kai Uwe Wingenfelder (vocals) and Thorsten Wingenfelder (guitar, vocals). The siblings then added Rainer Schumann (drums), Christof Stein (guitar) and Hannes Schäfer (bass). The band replaced only one member in the twenty years of their career when Christian Decker took over for Hannes Schäfer in 1996. Schäfer left to study medicine and is now a doctor. The band's name is an ironic allusion to the American TV series centered around a horse named Fury that had been repeated on German TV in the 1980s. The band became successful on the German market in 1988 when they reached the top 50 album charts. In 1992 their record company SPV GmbH and BMG Ariola Hamburg GmbH founded the record label Slaughterhouse Music.

In 1993 the band had its first international success with the hits Radio Orchid and Every Generation got its own Disease from the album Mono and successfully toured several European countries and the USA. Since then Fury has released new albums approximately every other year, but has never been able to repeat the success of Mono. The band has sold more than 4,000,000 albums so far. Unusually, Kai Wingenfelder sings not in German, but excellent idiomatic English.

In September 2007 the band announced their break up. In 2008 they played a farewell tour across Germany with a final concert on 30 August 2008 in their home town of Hanover.

Their hits include: "Time To Wonder", "Every Generation Got Its Own Disease", "Won't Forget These Days", "Radio Orchid", and "Trapped Today, Trapped Tomorrow".