Gari Glaysher
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From: United Kingdom

Genre: World, Classical/Crossover, Vocal

Born in London, Gari Glaysher took an unconventional path into his classical music career. As a youth, he took up training in boxing and then went onto Taekwon-do, becoming a three-time national champion. He currently holds a second-degree black belt. Gari credits his background in Taekwon-do for teaching him discipline, self-control and focus...all skills which have been invaluable to him as a professional singer. He recently had the great honour of singing the national anthem and other songs for the IT…

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    "You Raise Me Up"
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    "Parla Piu Piano"
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    "I Will Pray For You"
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    Prom for new album "Full Circle"
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Thursday, December 05, 2013
Would love to hear you do Phantom of the Opera.