De: CA, United States

R&B, Neo-Soul, Smooth-Jazz, R&B, Soul

“Geo”, is from a very entertainment driven and musically talented family. His mother is the Director of Music for her church; his sister is the extremely talented Cheryl Lynn, who is most noted for her hit “Got To Be Real”. His other sister has sung with various notable artists, including Jennifer Holiday; and his nieces and nephew contribute their entertainment energy to Hip-Hop choreography, rap and songwriting.

“Geo” has been fortunate to experience up close and personal, the musical expertise of some of the world’s greatest composers, producers and musicians (i.e. Cheryl Lynn, the late Luther Vandross, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Ray Parker Jr., Whitney Houston, The Whispers and many more).

"Geo's" music is flavorful, meaningful and passionate. When you listen to “Geo’s” music, you can hear him in each selection. It’s as if the notes and words are extensions of his very soul. His desire is simply to share with others, the music that brings him so much joy to create. Enjoy the music!