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Hair Rocket is an indie rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hair Rocket was formed in 2008 by former Aderbat musician Chris Blasucci and pumps out what it calls "enlightenment through cathartic art". Their slogan is "We cut, We light, and We release".


Hair Rocket began as a duo with Blasucci on drums and vocals and Dallas Vietty on keys and bass synthesizer but has evolved into a five-piece powerpop band. Following a sabbatical in Mexico City in early 2009 Vietty announced he was leaving the band to pursue a career as an accordionist.

Using Vietty's absence to transform the band, Blasucci rewrote all of Hair Rocket's songs and filmed a music video about a man that decides to elude formal structures and explore an idea. This video, about a man fusing the hair of his lovers to a rocket, became the manifesto of the band.


At shows, Hair Rocket asks fans to donate their hair to make a giant rocket clad with a plethora of people's hair. The fans are then invited to meet via the web at an online museum to see their live rocket launched and documented chronologically as a bizarre hermetic experience.

Band members

Chris Blasucci-guitar, lead vocals,

Todd Mason-drums,

Nawi Avila-bass, vocals,

Louis Sparre-lead guitar,

Allison Lorenzen-vocals, percussion