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Heiruspecs (pronounced high-roo-spex) is a live rap/hip hop band based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, specifically the Midway neighborhood. The band's name is based on a deliberate misspelling of haruspex.

Their album, 10 Years Strong, was released in December of 2007. It is a compilation of new and old songs, many taken from Live from the Studio and Antidisestablishmetabolism, both of which are now out-of-print. The most recent Heiruspecs recording is the self-titled "Heiruspecs," and was released on December 13, 2008. In November 2009, the band announced that they were working on a new album called "We Are the Future."

The band is mostly known for their live performances. In contrast to many contemporary hip hop groups that use sampling and turntables, Heiruspecs emphasize a raw, live sound, their roots and local scene. They have also been known to do shows with Minnesota-local hip hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment. They have a very upbeat sound and are typically on tour for at least half of the year. The group style has been compared to the live hip hop band The Roots.