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Isabela can refer to:


1 People,

2 Places,

3 Other uses,

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Isabela Corona (1913-1993), Mexican actress,

Isabela Garcia (born 1967), Brazilian actress,

Isabela de Rosis (1842-1911), Italian noblewoman,


Isabela Island (Galápagos), island in the Galápagos, Ecuador,

Isabela River, river in the Dominican Republic,

La Isabela, town in Puerto Plata provence, Dominican Republic, first European settlement in the New World,

La Isabela International Airport, airport in the Santo Domingo province, Dominican Republic,

Villa Isabela, town in the Puerto Plata province, Dominican Republic,

Isabela (province), province in the Cagayan Valley Region, Luzon, Philippines

Isabela State University,


Isabela, Basilan, city in the Basilan province, Philippines,

Isabela, Negros Occidental, municipality in the Negros Occidental province, Philippines,

Isabela, Puerto Rico, municipality in Puerto Rico, United States,

Other uses:

Isabela Oriole, a bird found on Luzon, Philippines