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Tacubaya, Mexico

Javier Solís (pronounced [xaˈβjer soˈlis]) (September 1, 1931, Tacubaya, Federal District, Mexico – April 19, 1966, Mexico City, Mexico) was a popular Mexican singer of boleros and rancheras, and a film actor. Javier Solís was born Gabriel Siria Levario, the first of three children of Francisco Siria Mora, a baker, and Juana Levario Plata, a trader. She had a stall at a public market and as her spouse had allegedly abandoned her, and she had little time save for work, she decided to leave her son at the household of his uncle Valentín Levario Plata and his wife, Ángela López Martínez, whom he considered his real parents. Siria had to drop out of school before his teens to support his family. He only passed the first five years at a school in Tacubaya in Mexico City, where he used to participate in singing contests. After dropping out of school he worked collecting bones and glass. Later he worked in a supermarket transporting merchandise. He worked as a baker, a butcher, a carpenters helper and a car washer. In his spare time, he trained as an amateur boxer, with aspirations of going professional, but after suffering a few defeats, he was urged to work at something 'more decent'.