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Berlin, Germany

K.I.Z. is a German hip hop group from Berlin, Germany. The members are the three rappers Tarek, Maxim and Nico, with a DJ called DJ Craft. Their lyrics often contain a lot of black humor and irony as well as sociocritical content: The song "Straight Outta Kärnten" ('Kärnten' is German for 'Carinthia') criticises the xenophobic and racist politic of the austrian governor Jörg Haider, who died in a car crash in October 2008. K.I.Z. has several meanings. Members of the band have suggested numerous meanings for the acronym, such as Kriegsverbrecher in Zwangsjacken ("war criminals in strait jackets"), Kannibalen in Zivil ("cannibals in civil clothes"), Künstler im Zuchthaus ("artists in penitentiary"), or Kreuzritter in Zentralasien ("crusaders in central Asia"), Krüppel im Zwinger ("cripples in the kennel"), Kapitalismus ist Zauberhaft ("capitalism is magical"), Knoblauch, Ingwer, Zwiebel ("garlic, ginger, onion").