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Kan'Nal is a rock music band first formed in Guatemala in 2001 and has for most of their touring career operated from areas around Boulder, CO. The band originally was composed of lead singer and songwriter Tzol and guitarist Tierro, later adding bassist Rodolfo Escobar, performance artist and backing vocalist Teresita Hinojosa, drummer Gilly Gonzalez, didgeridoo player Aaron Jerad, and dancer Akayate. Recent addition Brock Roser, plays didgeridoo, percussion, and adds vocal harmonies. The band also utilizes the talents of a number of additional stage performers. Lauraleigh and Tiffany Artsmyth are two of the dancers who supplement Akayate's dance, as well as performing with fire, both twirling poi as well as fire-eating. There are a few other supporting dancers such as Katalytic.

The band describes itself as "an authentic Rock & Roll band" playing "Tribal Psychedelic Rock." Many of the band's songs--especially live versions--are long, sprawling, epic affairs featuring layers of flamenco-style guitar and thrumming bass guitar over the steady drone of didgeridoo and percussion, though shorter, more commercially accessible (i.e. "radio friendly") tracks like "All Things Change" and "Time" are notable in their difference as an attempt to appeal to more mainstream music tastes.

Kan'Nal was signed to indie label Physiks Records, but distributes merchandise from its website through CageFree Records in Colorado.

On July 6, 2009, two open letters from Kan'Nal co-founders Tierro and Tzol (respectively) posted on the band's Tribe.Net sub-page confirmed long-circulating rumors in the neo-tribal community that the band has gone on "indefinite hiatus" to allow members to pursue other artistic and personal endeavors.