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Basque Country, Spain

La Polla Records is a Spanish punk rock band. They were formed in 1979 in Salvatierra/Agurain, a small town in the Basque Country (Spain). Its founders were Evaristo Páramos, Maleguin, Txarly and Sume. The name was somewhat controversial because in Spain's Spanish, polla is slang for penis. In 1981, they recorded an EP under the indie label Oihuka called ¿Y ahora qué? ("So now what?"). It had four songs. In 1984, La Polla Records released their first album called Salve. The lyrics harshly criticized fascism, capitalism, and catholicism.

The following years they recorded Revolución. In this album Abel replaced Maleguin on the bass. They later released more albums: No somos nada and En directo (recorded live) as well as Ellos dicen mierda, nosotros amén("They say shit, we say Amen"), Los jubilados, Barman, Negro and Hoy es el futuro.