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North Carolina, USA

Lawson Rollins (born c. 1970) is an American Latin classical guitarist from North Carolina,[1] noted for his lightning speed solos and ultra-fast finger picking. His music spans a wide range of genres but is generally classed as Latin Jazz, Flamenco and Bossanova, occasionally with elements of Samba and Blues. He is best known for his compositions The Fire Cadenza, Santa Ana Wind and Moonlight Samba and his 2008 debut album Infinita which was critically acclaimed by the jazz community.[2][3] Influenced by Andres Segovia from his mid-teens, he studied classical music in Europe and then moved to Washington, D.C. in 1998.[4] In Washington, D.C. he met guitarist Daniel Young (Dan Young) at a local flamenco shop and formed the Latin guitar fusion group Young & Rollins. They released several albums together, including Salsa Flamenca, which landed on the Billboard Chart in 2000, Sevilla (2001), Esperanza (2005) and Mosaic (2006) and played at many major venues such as the Kennedy Center and Sydney Opera House. Rollins was based in Washington until 2007 when he moved to San Francisco.[5] His latest album is called Espirito which is an eclectic mix of Middle Eastern and Arabic music with Spanish guitar.