Buscar Música

Denmark was hit by half Faroese half Icelandic Lizzie, as she already as 4-year-old took the plane to Copenhagen and won a sangkonkurrence. As a 14-year-old took her back to Denmark to go to music Continuation and music college and to take studies in music theory. As a 24-year-old was seriously since “sufferers in the night” was set in swinging as P3’s “Weekly Unavoidable”.

Since Lizzie has been one of the most played artists on the radio. She has been number 1 on all major download charts, she has been a platinplade for a sale of more than 15,000, and she has had 70,000 visits to his MySpace page. On 11 February released the album “sufferers in the night”.

The now 25-year-old singer was hit by the Danish, as she sang Duet with Alex on his album “Ta ‘it back”, and after that she began to write in English.