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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

MPB4 (Short for Música Popular Brasileira 4) is a vocal and instrumental Brazilian group formed in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, in 1965, and has been active since.The groups main genres are sung samba and MPB, and they are considered among the best vocal interpretation group in Brazil. They have frequently collaborated with Quarteto em Cy, Toquinho and Chico Buarque. In 2001, MPB-4 completed a 36-year career with the same formation (registered in the Brazilian edition of the Guinness Book of Records). The group was founded when the members met through the Centro Popular de Cultura (Popular Culture Center, or CPC), affiliated with the União Nacional dos Estudante (National Students Union, or UNE). The initial lineup featured Miltinho (Milton Lima dos Santos Filho, Campos dos Goytacazes, October 18, 1943), Lean (Antonio José Waghabi Son, Itaocara, RJ, November 14, 1943), Achilles (Achille Rique Reis, Niterói, RJ, May 22, 1948) and Ruy Faria (Ruy Alexandre Faria, Cambuci, RJ, July 31, 1937). The quartet was originally known as Quarteto do CPC. With the extinction of the CPC (and of the UNE) after the 1964 Brazilian coup d'état, the group adopted the name of MPB-4,