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Lørenskog, Norway

Marion Elise Ravn (born 25th of May 1984 in Lørenskog, Norway) is a Norwegian singer-songwriter, and former child actress. Her surname is of Norse origin, with Ravn meaning Raven, which she adopted as her stage name Marion Raven as well as for her trademark raven logo. She was one-half of the now defunct pop duo M2M, along with Marit Larsen. Raven was later marketed as a pop-rock artist with the release of her 2005 international debut album, Here I Am. In 2006, Raven was signed to indie record label, Eleven Seven, and released the Heads Will Roll EP. She also has released her European/U.S. debut album, Set Me Free, and has been extensively promoting it in Germany, Netherlands and the UK. She will release her third studio album in the summer of 2011.