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Neptune is a noise music band from Boston, noted for having built their custom-made guitars and basses out of scrap metal. The band also plays custom-made percussion instruments and electric lamellophones.

Band history

Neptune's origins trace to a 1994 sculpture project by Boston artist/musician Jason Sanford, who created the band's guitars and drums from scrap steel and found objects. In 2007, they released their album Gong Lake on the Table of the Elements label, home to art heroes Tony Conrad, Rhys Chatham and Faust. Neptune has performed with artists including The Ex, Mission of Burma, Ut, Oneida, Lightning Bolt, The Flaming Lips, Blonde Redhead, Melt-Banana, Charles Hayward, Liars, Black Dice, James Chance & the Contortions, Gang Gang Dance, The Dresden Dolls, Six Finger Satellite, and Wolf Eyes. As of 2011, the lineup includes Sanford and longtime Neptune collaborator Mark Pearson as well as musicians/instrument inventors Kevin Micka and Farhad Ebrahimi.


Jason Sanford - baritone guitar, electric thumb piano, electronics, small electric spring, percussion, vocals,

Mark Pearson - baritone guitar, electronics, large electric spring, drums, percussion, vocals,

Kevin Micka - drums, electronics, vocals