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Nerf Herder is a pop punk band from Santa Barbara formed in 1994 by Parry Gripp (vocals, guitar), Charlie Dennis (bass) and Steve Sherlock (drums). They describe themselves as a "geek rock" band, and are known for simplistic modern punk-style songs with frequently humorous, juvenile and pop-culture-referencing lyrics. They are most noted for composing the theme tune to the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and for their 1997 single "Van Halen", a tribute to the band of the same name, which attracted significant radio airplay and led to their first major record deal with Arista Records.

The song "High Five Anxiety" was featured on the soundtrack for Major League Baseball 2k7 made by 2k Sports. The band's cover of ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky" was used in the end credits of the British Channel 4 documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle in 2007.[citation needed]