De: Germany

Rock, Pop, Acoustic

Nine soulful songs about love, hurt feelings, ex-lovers, past or present lucky moments in a rock 'n' roll tradition of Tom Petty, Chris Isaak, Springsteen, Wilco, Neil Young and of course many, many more.

Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums and vocals shape the songs of O 'n' J to give them relaxed grooves with warm melodies and beautiful, thrilling guitar solos.

As for the record's sound, there are all kinds of comparisons and influences; you can find rock, folk, blues and country elements.

Refined by an American mastering of a two-time Grammy Award winner it’s an authentic, emotional and convincing rock 'n' roll album that you shouldn’t miss.

So, buy the CD, plop it in the CD player, hit "replay”, light some candles, get some snacks, wine or beer, recall old love affairs, with a little heartache and create yourself a memorable evening and at the end, however be happy with this world, because SOMETIMES…