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Pal Shazar is a US singer/songwriter. She was a founding member, with Andrew Chinich, of the 1980s New Wave pop group Slow Children, and married one of the band's producers Jules Shear in the late 1980s.

Slow Children released two albums on the RCA Records label, both in 1981. Shazar released several CDs, starting in the 1990s, on various labels.

Shazar co-wrote several songs with Matthew Sweet for his album Inside (1986), and wrote lyrics for Sara Lee for her album Make It Beautiful (2000).

Shazar is also a painter; an example of her work is featured on the cover of the Waterboys Dream Harder album, and she has self-published a book of lyrics and art Pal Shazar The Illustrated Lyrics in 2008.

Shazar was featured on the cover of photographer Linda Troeller's book The Erotic Lives of Women, which included photos that were also used for the graphics of Pal's 1997 album Woman Under The Influence.

In May 2011 Pal's first novel 'JANITOR' was self-published. It is an erotic story as told by the title character. The man's point of view is also expressed in the accompanying CD of 13 songs that illustrate every chapter. An excerpt from the book was previously published in a PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE feature 'Women's Erotic Fiction.'