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Paul Rutherford (born 8 December 1959, Liverpool, England) is the former backing vocalist and dancer with 1980s pop band Frankie Goes to Hollywood (FGTH), one of the group's two openly gay singers.

He was born in inner-city Liverpool, but as a child during the 1960s moved to the Cantril Farm estate (built to replace inner city slums), where future footballer Micky Quinn and future comedian Craig Charles were among his neighbours.

Rutherford sang backing vocals to Holly Johnson and also danced.

He emerged from the 1970s punk scene on Merseyside founding initial fame with St.Helen's band The Spitfire Boys.He later teamed up with Johnson in a new band which would go on to dominate the UK Singles Chart in 1984.

The band disintegrated two years later and Rutherford attempted a solo career which was short lived: In 1989 three singles and the album Oh World were released. Two tracks on it were produced by ABC. In late 2010 he released new album "The Cowboy Years" under the name "Paul Rutherford/Butt Cowboys"

He was known for being one of the first stars to endorse nipple-piercing and also for the ace of hearts he had tattooed on his arm.

Rutherford currently lives on Waiheke Island, New Zealand, with his longterm partner.