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In the year of 1993 a group of young natives of Monterrey N.L. meet in order to rehearse what more they like doing, Norteño. Is as well as Beto Zapata, Pepe Elizondo, Mario Padilla and Popo Guajardo give life to a musical group that eventually would become one of the Favorites public wave grupera… HEAVY.

“AYUDAME A forget” title of his first production begins to hear in his native Monterrey, hence starts an uncontainable rain topics as DIA from DIA, BESO A BESO among others, getting the attention of the Auditorium by trying a different sound of Norteño music style.

2 July 1993 heavy has its first presentation, this performed is done at a bar in a popular colony of their land. Shortly before his record “LLEGO EL AMOR” Julio Tamez started in percussion pool, this production became won his first double album of gold. This album helps them to penetrate the national and international radio stations.

Thus begins his musical adventure stepped on scenarios of great importance in dances, concerts, TV programmes and radio festivals.