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Pete Heller is an English electronic and house music producer. He is recognised in the dance community for his solo work, and his remixes with frequent collaborator Terry Farley. As a duo they have released popular tunes under the names Heller & Farley Project (or Farley & Heller), Fire Island plus The Look and Feel. In 1996, they released "Ultra Flava," a #3 hit on the US Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. The track also peaked at #22 in the UK Singles Chart.

On his own, Heller hit #1 on the US Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart with "Big Love" featuring Octahvia, which held the top spot for three weeks and also was ranked by Billboard as the #1 dance song of 1999. The same track peaked at #12 in the UK.

In addition, Heller remixed The Chemical Brothers' 2002 release, "Star Guitar", which reached #8 in the UK chart.

In 2004, Heller launched his own record label, Phela Recordings, as a platform for his own productions and collaborations with other artists.

He has five siblings (Simon, Andrew, Judy, Daniel and Vicky). He attended Dulwich College and Manchester University.