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De: CA, United States

World, Instrumental Rock

The San Francisco Bay Area artist RAVEN was born in Beirut, Lebanon at a time when the city of Beirut was considered the Paris of the Middle East. Raven’s ears were filled with the sounds and melodies of the traditional Armenian folk songs at an early age, as his young mother Yvonne an avid singer and performer in Beirut’s Armenian community sang the songs of her ancestors.

Raven began studying classical violin at the age of ten at the Conservatoire Nationale de Beyrouth under some of the most prominent teachers of the time.

In 1981, Raven as one of the co founders of the first Armenian radio station Radio ASK of Paris and its surrounding region—became its head DJ. Arriving in the Bay Area in 1984, Raven studied Bass guitar and soon formed his first rock band The Way with Ash Dey and Jay Salmonson. From 1989-1991 The Way performed in various venues in the Bay Area and was able to record its first album “Another Mile.” A new member Clinton “Risk” Edwards joined The Way, which was, renamed Dog Soldier in 1991. The band was developing its own unique sounds framed by heavy grooves and music of the 90s.

Raven, as a solo artist performing on handcrafted Native American Flutes, was signed to Native American recording company Sound Of America Records (SOAR). He recorded two Albums, titled “Visions Within” and “Naked in the Rain” produced by Tom Bee prominent Native American musician and activist. Both these titles include few Armenian traditional melodies and songs performed by his mother Yvonne. The two recordings led to many local and nation-wide performances.

Raven seeks to merge the music of Lebanon, Armenia and the sound of the Native American flute with contemporary rock rhythms, and to raise awareness through his music. His cultural upbringing and his own personal journey has brought him to a place where he urges to appeal to humanity against the senseless brutality of genocides and wars of the past to the contemporary listener.