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Every step of the way in singer-songwriter Sara Haze’s musical life has led to her current success. Influenced vocally, lyrically and musically by Sarah McLachlan, Joss Stone, Jewel, or Etta James and Aretha Franklin, Sara Haze delivers her words and music in a powerful and emotional voice.

From the time Sara could talk, she learned how to sing. Growing up in a musical family, at an early age Sara practiced vocal exercises with her mother and by the age of four started playing the piano. A few years later Sara was singing lead in church. As writing became a way to avoid the teenage pitfalls, her poetry and journal entries turned into songs, and Sara found, “That process was extremely therapeutic.”

Sara was immediately noticed when she started singing Etta and Aretha covers in clubs and when she added her songs to the mix, the rest quickly fell in place. Sara has since had numerous song placements in TV including on such shows as, The Young & The Restless, One Life To Live, One Ocean View, and the Oxygen hit Bad Girls Club with a performance cameo on two episodes with country singer-songwriter Kerry Harvick. In addition Sara sang the theme song on one season of The Simple Life. Always honing her songwriting skills, Sara started working with songwriter/producers Pam Reswick and Nathan Meckel (Jo Dee Messina) of Spin Box Club. PEN Music Group Inc. took an interest and introduced Sara to Elicit Music’s production/songwriting team Heather Holley and Rob Hoffman (Christina Aguilera, Quincy Jones, Sheryl Crow), and she recently recorded three masters with them. She won the 2007 Pump Audio Song Submission Contest and performed at the ASCAP Create Music Expo to a crowd of 1200 where she was a finalist with her song “Dust From The Stars.” In May 2007 PEN Music Group, Inc. signed Sara Haze to a Licensing & Administration deal. In the summer of 2007 Sara will start writing songs with 5-time Grammy Award-winning songwriter/producer Glen Ballard.