Stars of Track and Field is a three-piece indie pop band from Portland, Oregon, currently on the Wind-Up Records label. Their name is in reference to the Belle and Sebastian song of the same name found on If You're Feeling Sinister..

The band released an album, entitled Centuries Before Love and War, to the iTunes Store in August 2006 and released a physical copy in January 2007. Several tracks from the album are available on the group's MySpace page.

The band was joined by former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade on DirecTV's original game show "Rock and a Hard Place" hosted by Meat Loaf in which they faced country group Lonestar.

In fall of 2009, they toured with Lights.

In September 2009, the band released their latest album, A Time for Lions, with the first single being a song called "Racing Lights". Recently, the song "End Of All Time" was chosen to be featured in Grey's Anatomy (Air-date Nov 12, 2009).