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The Click Five (often abbreviated as TC5) is an American power pop band from Boston, Massachusetts. The original members, most of them students at Berklee College of Music, started on January 1, 2003 and played in various local venues. They then quickly got the attention of talent scout Wayne Sharp (who had worked with the power pop group 'Candy'). The Click Five made their first recording, a two-song demo session, in early 2004 after successful local touring. They released their debut album Greetings from Imrie House in 2005. After vocalist Eric Dill left the group, they replaced his spot with Kyle Patrick and then released Modern Minds and Pastimes in 2007. After being dropped from their label, the group released several songs independently, and Ben Romans stated in March 2009 that a self-financed new album would be coming "soon".

The members have been known for their Mod-based public image, involving sharp-looking suits and ties coupled with moptop haircuts, which is deliberately reminiscent of The Beatles. They prefer to classify their music as 'new school power pop'. However, they have also been classified as 'pop punk', 'teen pop', or as a 'boy band'. After achieving massive commercial success with their first album, their second release did not sell nearly as well. They played have to smaller, more local audiences since in the U.S., although they have achieved extreme popularity in Asian countries such as Cambodia and the Philippines. In total, the band has sold two million albums worldwide and have created eight number one singles in seven different nations. The band also starred in the 2007 movie, Taking Five with Alona Tal & Daniella Monet and Christy Romano.