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The Downbeat 5 (not to be confused with Tommy Pollard's Downbeat Five) is a Boston-based rock band started in 1999 by former DMZ guitarist J. J. Rassler and his then-wife, Jen, (who originally used the stage name Ronny Rassler). The band's music draws on 1960s girl group sounds, garage rock, and rougher-edged British Invasion bands like The Rolling Stones.

In 2003, the band made it as far as the semi-finals of the 25th annual WBCN Rock & Roll Rumble. The following year, they placed in the finals of Little Steven's Underground Garage battle of the bands, with Little Steven remaining a strong supporter afterwards.

In early 2003, D'Angora started a second band with Michelle Paulhus (ex-Decals) called The Dents. The Dents have more of a pop-punk sound than The Downbeat 5, with D'Angora and Paulhus sharing the songwriting and lead vocal duties.

The band's most recent album, Smoke and Mirrors (released in early 2007), was recorded live in front of an audience in a recording studio.