New York, NY, USA

The LeBrón Brothers are a musical family born in Puerto Rico and raised in Brooklyn, New York. The brothers are Pablo, Jose, Angel, Carlos and Frankie. They provide the vocals and rhythm section of the band. Members of the original band were Gabe Gil - alto sax, Tito Ocasio - Timbales, Hector LeBron - Congas, Eddie DeCupe - Trumpet, Elliot Rivera, vocals, Felix Rivera, trumpet. Frankie LeBron later replaced Frankie Rodriguez who replaced his cousin Hector LeBron on congas.

The brothers were born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico to Francisco LeBron Feliciano, who was born in Lares, P.R. and Julia LeBron Rosa Sosa, born in Aguada, P.R. but were raised in Brooklyn, New York. They grew up in a musical environment. The eldest, Pablo, was part of a trio that went by the name of "Las Tres Monedas". Their sister Maria sang on radio shows in Puerto Rico before the family relocated to the U.S.A. The younger brothers formed their own Rhythm and Blues band at early ages. They performed in talent shows in Brooklyn. In 1966 they heard something that interested them over the radio. It was the "Boogaloo". The boogaloo was a mix of Latin rhythms with English lyrics. They were especially influenced by "The Joe Cuba Sextette" - a song called, "To Be With You" in particular. Jose gave up playing guitar and began playing piano. Angel went from Bass guitar to an upright bass {baby bass}. Carlos went from guitar to bongos and cowbell.

Early in 1967 Jose called Cotique Records, spoke to George Goldner and asked for an audition. The audition was set for the next week. George was impressed with the audition but there was one problem - they had no original songs. George Goldner said he would return in one week and wanted them to have some original songs he could listen to. The brothers got together to see what could be done. Even though Jose had never composed a song before he was elected to do the writing and in that one week he managed to write eight songs. Pablo was asked by his brothers to do one song with them and decided to leave his own band {La Sonora Arecibena} and join his brothers. They recorded one week later. Their first album "Psychedelic Goes Latin" was a huge success.