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The Paladins are a roots rock/rockabilly band from San Diego, California. Founded in the early 1980s by guitarist Dave Gonzalez and his high school friend and double bass player Thomas Yearsley, they have recorded nine studio albums and built a reputation as one of America's hardest-working live bands. Early years, The Paladins started out as a rockabilly band during the rockabilly craze of the early 1980s. Their tagline at the time was "Western & Bop", as they played a combination of rockabilly and vintage country. Their lead singer, rhythm guitarist was Whitney. With this lineup, they did their first recording - a contribution to a 1982 local compilation album, Who's Listening?, and a song, two years later, on The Best of L.A. Rockabilly, a 1984 Rhino Records LP. Their first LP, The Paladins, was produced by Kim Wilson of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and was released in 1987 on Wrestler Records. Their second album, Years Since Yesterday, produced by Los Lobos' Steve Berlin and Mark Linnet, was released on Alligator Records in 1989 and had sold more than 20,000 copies by the end of the year; the band shot a music video for the title song at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, California, for $30,000. Spending most of their time on the road, by 1989 they had already toured with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Los Lobos, The Blasters, and the Fabulous Thunderbirds. They toured abroad as well; in the summer of 1989, in between recording sessions for the third album, they played in Europe for the month of June, including shows at the Peer Music Festival in Belgium and the World Music Festival in London. 1990s, In 1990 the Paladins released their third record, Let's Buzz, "an invigorating blend of rockabilly, blues, rhythm-and-blues and country," recorded in the Los Angeles studio of 1970s soul star Leon Haywood (who also played keyboards on the album), produced again by Steve Berlin and Mark Linnet, and released by Alligator. Acclaim came with a nomination in the 1990 Entertainer Music Awards (San Diego County) for Best Rock 'n' Roll, Original Music, for which they were a critics' favorite (they lost out to Beat Farmers). They won the award two years later, a year after winning the San Diego Music Awards. Touring continued relentlessly at home and abroad; in 1991, for instance, they toured Australia for three weeks. Shows were reviewed as fun, lively performances where band members would solo, swap instruments, and even occasionally encourage audience members to play instruments. 2000s, The Paladins appeared to have come to an end in 2004, when Gonzalez wanted to focus on different musical interests after having formed the Hacienda Brothers. Thereafter a number of live albums and a live DVD were released with the band sometimes described as being "on hiatus." Nonetheless, in 2010 the band appeared to have re-formed and are due to top the bill at the May 2nd Roots & Roses festivals at Lessines. Line-up, Current members: Dave Gonzalez - Guitar/Vocals, Brian Fahey - Drums, Thomas Yearsley - Bass/Vocals, Former members: Whitney - lead vocals, guitar, Jeff Donovan - drums, Joey Jazdzewski - bass, Scott B. Campbell - drums (1983-1990), The Paladins are performing at the Peer Blues Festival in Belgium on July 17, 2011. They are not, as rumored, back together, but after 6 or 7 years broken up, they were lured into playing again in Europe for a reunion tour - Norway, Belgium, Amsterdam, Southern France in 2010. It was supposed to be their last blast... but Europeans seem to love them so much that they have been lured back to Belgium for the Peer Festival. They are officially broken up; they no longer play together, but once again the fan base that justifies the mighty dollar has lured them back together - this time at the Ink N' Iron Festival in Long Beach, California. June 10, 2011 - American fans who were pissed off by the fact their idols played in Europe after their breakup can now show their love of the band by attending their performance on the Queen Mary in June of 2011.