The Tough Alliance, or TTA, was an electronic pop music duo from Gothenburg, Sweden. The duo first came together in 2003 and consists of childhood friends Henning Fürst and Eric Berglund. Previously on Swedish record label Service, in 2006, they started their own label, Sincerely Yours.

With three EPs out, Make It Happen, Holiday, and New Waves, and three full-length studio albums, The New School, Escaping Your Ambitions and A New Chance, (Escaping Your Ambitions being an entirely instrumental album), they have been given much critical acclaim and have established themselves on the Swedish indie-scene. Their live shows have also been given much attention in the Swedish media due to their unusual onstage antics which include swinging baseball bats and singing to recorded music. Their critics claim they glorify violence in general and hooliganism in particular, something The Tough Alliance denies. During a show in Stockholm, Sweden, the two band members were thrown off stage after swinging a baseball bat.

In April 2010, Eric Berglund's solo project ceo emerged via the Sincerely Yours website, which prompted people to speculate that TTA had disbanded, but Eric Berglund has since denied this.

In August 2010, Eric Berglund participated in an interview with the Swedish newspaper GP (Göteborgs-Posten), where he put an end to the questions about TTA, proclaiming that he and Fürst were nothing more than "teammates in a football team". "The Tough Alliance was a stepping stone in my career, but I'm ready to make something new with ceo", Eric Berglund said, about ceo being his new solo project.