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Bob Marley & The Wailers were a Jamaican reggae, ska and rocksteady band formed by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer in 1963. Additional members were Junior Braithwaite, Beverley Kelso, Cherry Smith and Aston and Carlton Barrett. The band came to an end with the death of Bob Marley in 1981.


They were known variously as The Teenagers, The Wailing Rudeboys, The Wailing Wailers and finally The Wailers. By 1966 Braithwaite, Kelso and Smith had left the band, which then consisted of the trio Livingston, Marley and Tosh (Neville Livingston being the birth name of Bunny Wailer).

Some of The Wailers most notable songs were recorded with Lee "Scratch" Perry and his studio band The Upsetters. During the early 1970s The Upsetters members Aston "Family Man" Barrett and his brother Carlton (Carlie) Barrett, formed the Wailers Band, providing instrumental backing for The Wailers.

The Wailers recorded groundbreaking ska and reggae songs such as "Simmer Down", "Trenchtown Rock", "Nice Time", "War", "Stir It Up" and "Get Up, Stand Up".

The Wailers disbanded in 1974 due to Tosh and Livingston's refusal to tour. Bob Marley formed Bob Marley & The Wailers with Bob Marley himself as guitarist, songwriter and main singer, the Wailers Band as the backing band, and the I Threes as backup vocalists. The Wailers Band included the brothers Carlton Barrett and "Family Man" Barrett on drums and bass respectively, Junior Marvin and Al Anderson playing lead guitar, Tyrone Downie and Earl "Wya" Lindo playing keyboard, and Alvin "Seeco" Patterson playing percussion. The I Threes, consisted of Bob Marley's wife Rita Marley, Judy Mowatt and Marcia Griffiths.

Bob Marley & The Wailers, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer all enjoyed considerable success as reggae music continued to gain popularity during the 1970s and 1980s.

Several of the group's members have died subsequent to Marley's death in 1981: Carlton Barrett and Tosh in 1987, Braithwaite in 1999, and Smith in 2008.Bunny Wailer and Beverley Kelso are the only surviving members of the group's original line-up.


Bob Marley - guitar, vocals (1963-1981),

Peter Tosh - guitar, keyboard, vocals (1963-1974),

Bunny Wailer - percussion, vocals (1963-1974),

Junior Braithwaite - vocals (1963-1964),

Beverley Kelso - backing vocals (1963-1965),

Cherry Smith - backing vocals (1963-1966),

Constantine Walker - backing vocals (1966-1967),

Aston Barrett - bass (1970-1981),

Hugh Malcolm - drums, percussion (1967-1972),

Carlton Barrett - drums, percussion (1970-1981),

Earl Lindo - keyboards (1973-1981),

Junior Marvin - guitar, backing vocals (1977-1981),

Al Anderson - guitar (1974-1975,1978-1981),

Alvin Patterson - percussion (1974-1981),

Rita Marley - backing vocals (1974-1981),

Marcia Griffiths - backing vocals (1974-1981),

Judy Mowatt - backing vocals (1974-1981),

Tyrone Downie - keyboards, percussion, backing vocals (1976-1981),

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