W!z K!d The We!rdo

From: GA, United States

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap, pop, dance, world

W!z K!d The "Weirdo" was "Cut Out" and raised in Detroit, MI with a passion for music on June 1986 Friday the 13th. As an "Only Child" raised by his mother with the help of family and friends, W!z K!d developed a knack for life. Growing up as a child of adventure, W!z K!d was always in to something. Whether is was Sports, Comet (LoL), Pots and Pans, Having one Sock on (LoL), Drums, Cartoons, Skateboards etc.... A smile and laughs was always present.

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  1. "Type" by: W!z K!d The We!rdo

  2. St.Patricks Day........... Thinking

  3. No Pen No Pad........ Messing around wit thoughts

  4. Dimensions of WizKid (Interview)
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